About Rob

Hi everyone and welcome to my Pure Muscle Gains website.

I’ve been heavily involved in sport and fitness since my early schooldays so I’ve always tried to take care of my body. I have competed at international level in Karate, served in the military and took part in many different activities which have demanded a lot of my body. I realised many years ago that the only way to give myself an edge over my peers was to feed my body properly.

The most efficient and quickest way I found to nourish myself I pre, during and post training, was to use best quality protein supplements. But the benefits of high quality protein shouldn’t be restricted to active athletes. Low quality food and bad eating habits mean people of all ages and from all walks of life are not getting the right nutrients to maintain their wellness.

This is why I developed this website to help educate people into hopefully changing their lifestyles and showing them the benefits they can gain from using these products. As for athletes and those wishing to increase their muscle gains in a safe and healthy way, then my website will give you the information and products to attain your goals.


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